"we shape our buildings thereafter they shape us."

- Winston Churchill

Our designs orient towards creating a body of work informed by a drive to inspire, and to be inspired. Whether it be strolling down a European street, entering a breathtaking cathedral, or viewing a barn enveloped in vast rolling landscape, a moment of inspiration, where light washes a wall, where form is the function, or a door rich in textured pattern entices us to draw nearer. Though futile to enumerate these moments with words, they lie in our innate ability to recognize beauty in our built environment.

The propensity to seek out shelter has been ongoing for millennia. Waking moments are spent in various enclosures, allowing us to work, play and live. While offering shelter, they affect our well-being in so far as they resonate with our senses. The flow of space, the quality of light, the assemblage and textures of materials, and the honesty of construction, are a few terms in the language of space making perceived intuitively. Our job is to assemble and weave this language together with the functional needs and visual goals of our clients.

with its own specific process, each project takes on its own personality, one that could not have been imagined without having gone through it

We place a heavy emphasis on an open minded approach to clues and insights revealed in our meetings by listening to our clients. We are, after all, establishing a relationship between our clients and our designs that will endure long after we are involved. They provide the rich raw materials, in the form of hopes and desires that allows us to embark on a process of giving form to the spaces and experiences that meet and exceed those which they’ve imagined.

Openness to a non-linear process and the information it reveals, creates the integral ongoing dialogue between our design options and our client’s needs ensuring that formulaic solutions are avoided.

services + deliverables

We offer an array of services that allow you to make informed decisions regarding budgets, construction, or rethinking original assumptions.
These include:

As Built Measurements • Feasibility Studies• Master Planning • Site Improvements
Programming & Space Planning Analysis • Schematic Design • Design Development
Construction Documents • Interior Design & Finishes • Bidding & Negotiation
Permit Coordination • Construction Administration

  • As Built Measurements and Drawings

    Measuring & drawing existing floor plans and elevations. In the case of an addition or renovation, these become the foundation for developing design drawings.

  • Schematic Design

    Initial design phase where multiple options are presented using drawings and model views. By the end of this phase the design concepts are narrowed down to one.

  • Design Development

    The chosen design is developed by overlaying structural, mechanical & civil engineering information from an engineering consultant we coordinate with. Structural members, duct sizes, and site features will be coordinated and integrated into the design. This also allows for detailed discussions about exterior & interior materials and finishes.

  • Construction Documents

    The approved design development drawings evolve, by locating basic materials, components and systems and all other requirements for the construction through detailed drawings. These drawings also provide material and information for any required review and approval process by local governing authorities, as well as forming the basis for the construction contract.

  • Bidding & Negotiation

    This phase is intended to facilitate contractors by preparing an invitation to bid, distributing and coordinating bid drawings, coordinating site-walk meetings, fielding of questions, and preparing addendum drawings needed to address these questions. We also evaluate and analyze the bids by preparing spreadsheets for an “apples to apples” comparison.

  • Construction Administration

    We attend construction meetings, to become familiar with the progress and quality of work being completed. We determine if work is being performed in a manner indicating that when completed it will be in accordance with the contract document drawings and notes. We also check shop drawings, provide additional requested drawings, and consult with you to review payout requests.

  • Interior Design

    Build out of residential and commercial space complete with interior floor plan layouts and corresponding mechanical electrical and plumbing coordination. We select tile, flooring, lighting and plumbing fixtures as well as cabinet type color and hardware and work with craftsmen in the design, fabrication and installation of custom furniture, railings and other architectural hardware and elements.

  • Preliminary pricing

    Upon completing the schematic design phase, drawings are issued for preliminary bidding along with a written description of the project finishes and specific nuances. The resulting price gives us a ballpark price which allows us to know early in our drawing process what sort of financial commitments will be necessary to build the project.

  • Programming & Space Planning Analysis

    We analyze existing spaces to see how you can maximize efficiency vis a vis the different user groups which need to interact with each other and other various support functions. This service is scalable for residential, commercial and institutional users. We also help develop the sort of room functions will be needed along with approximate square footage and descriptions of their function and aesthetic attributes.

We communicate concepts in 3 dimensions through the use of hand drawn perspectival sketches & study models early in our design phase. Intuitive gestures are more readily expressed through hand drawing and it is faster and more nimble than modeling software in generating the varying concepts needed early on. Upon delineating the major moves, we utilize various modeling software to further explore the design in more detail thus ensuring the built project reinforces and reflects the chosen design intent.