Emerald Line - Chicago Prize 2016

Chicago, IL

The question of improving Chicago’s lakefront, made us consider enhancing the experience of “getting there” with new Bus Rapid Transit, and “being there” with expanded lakefront activities. The Emerald Line consists of 25 new stations along the historic boulevard system and 15 more located on Lake Shore Drive. This loop adds much needed functionality to the current “hub and spoke” system by connecting many current L train lines prior to them converging downtown. The lakeside stations double as lake access points by bridging over the rush of Lake Shore Drive. Hiking and camping activities are found on each of the 3 proposed nature parks where prairies and dunes, once native to the area, are reintroduced. Making the joys of nature accessible to all Chicagoans by providing faster travel times and barrier free crossings will attract more residents to participate in Chicago’s beautiful lakefront.

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